Friday, January 23, 2009

Sweet Parking Spot

Since this is the month of integrity I have been searching for ways to be more honest. As I said before, I think I am generally a fairly honest person- but maybe I was just fooling myself. I must now publicly admit, I have been dishonest in my parking.

How does one be dishonest in his parking, you may ask?

1. Borrow your grandma's handicap parking permit (I know this seems pretty low, but an associate of mine at law school actually did this all through law school.)

2. Park in the "expecting mothers" section at Baby's R Us. (Sadly I will never be able to honestly park there.)


3. At my work there is a 9 story parking garage. Anytime I arrive to work say after 8:45 I have to go around and around in a circle up to the 7th or 8th floor. The whole process is time consuming and highly annoying- especially considering the fact that I am paying $71 per month for the privelege to be trapped in the discusting garage.

Well last month I found a loop-hole. On the first and second floor there are some PRIME spots marked with "Reserved for Comfort Suite Guests". The signs also mention "Violators will be towed for ticketed for $50". Generally this serves as a significant deterent from non-guests parking there- but as said before, I found a loophole.

One of the employees from my work used to be on the board that runs the parking ramp. Apparently they have no mechanism to patrol those spots. Long story short- since there are TONS of opens spots and nobody patrols them, it seemed like it was my responsibility to take these spots. It was better that I use them than nobody at all.

Funny thing is, I started getting really suspicious- I didn't want anybody from work to see me parking there, so I would go around the corner if a car was following me, and then I would sneak back into the prime spots. I was so worried that one of my co-workers might see me parking in the forbidden spot- and maybe even turn me in. So after, I would rush out of my car- so nobody would recognize me and know which car I drove. It was really starting to stress me out.

So I thought last night while I was lying in bed, how can I live a more honest life?

I need to park in the right place, even if its on the seventh floor.


  1. Oh sweetie, I hate to tell you that I have seen your car parked in those spots. I agree that it is ridiculous to have all those reserved spots that are in no way monitored--but come on now we could have a lot worse things to deal with than circling up an 8 story parking ramp.

    BTW- Yesterday I came in at 10 after an appointment and was told to park in those spots since the rest of the ramp was full!

  2. This is such a great example of being honest in ALL things..haha. Good for you! Definitely inspires me to evaluate how honest I am.